Top Tips for Car Entertainment

How to avoid the ‘are we nearly there yet?’ moment!

They’re the words that every parent dreads when driving in the car. “Are we nearly there yet?” is usually a sign that your little ones are getting bored of a journey and need entertaining if you’re to avoid any tantrums!

To help, we’ve put together our top tips for keeping children happy in the car.
Travel-Sticker-Book• Car Bingo! Print off a sheet featuring pictures of objects you might see during your journey (for example, a lorry, a tractor, a bus, a horse etc). Give each child a pen and encourage them to tick off each item as they go along. Alternatively, use a Travel Sticker Book to keep them busy.

• Listen to child-friendly music and nursery rhymes in the car to break up the monotony of a long drive.

Drivetime Monkey

• For toddlers and babies, the Drivetime Monkey attaches to the handle of a car seat, to keep them smiling while you concentrate on the road. The friendly monkey will hang in front of baby so they can look at their reflection in the mirror and reach out and explore the textures and sounds. 

 • Play ‘Who am I?’, a game where one person thinks of an animal and the other players have to guess which animal they are by asking questions. To make the game slightly harder the person answering the questions can only respond yes or no.


• Children of all ages simply love scribbling away in colouring books and it’s a handy way of keeping them entertainment when travelling. Be sure to keep pens, pencils and a few books in your glovebox!

We’d love to hear your tips! Follow @GaltToys on Twitter and use the hashtag #TopTipTuesday with your suggestions!

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12 Days of Christmas Kindness

12 days of Christmas kindness


Spread some festive cheer and win £200 worth of Galt Toys!

We all know there is more to Christmas than presents and here at Galt Toys we are on a mission to spread some of that festive cheer across the nations. To help us achieve this, we would love you to tell us your good deed this Christmas and as a thank you all ‘good deeds’ will be entered into a prize draw to win £200 worth of Galt Toys.

So what was your good deed today?  To enter simply email or tweet us @Galttoys using the hashtag  #galtxmas, or share your good deed via the Galt Toys Facebook page.


Good deeds could be anything from:

·         Carol singing to raise money for a charity

·         Baking cookies to give out at school

·         Anonymously donating your change jar to a good cause

·         Helping your neighbour put up their Christmas lights

·         Donating towels to the RSPCA centres

It can be absolutely anything and you’ll know when you’ve done a good deed as you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling inside you – a small act of kindness can make a real difference.

It’s a classic tale, but the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, the mean-spirited man who realises the joy of good deeds, shows how a selfish act can bring happiness to all.


So what is the science behind a good deed? Researchers have looked at the so-called helper’s high and its effects on the human body and found the wish to perform good deeds will improve our health, even our longevity. A study has found that people who carry out good deeds, experience less anger and stress and feel more positive and self-confident suggesting there is scientific truth to the old adage that when we help others, we also help ourselves.

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We’re Moving…!

Don’t worry we’re not going far, our clever IT has moved our blog in-house!

We’d like to thank everyone who has subscribed to this blog and appreciate all of the relationships we’ve developed over the last few months and all your lovely comments.Please join us on our new blog site as we have masses to share with you.

To continue to receive updates you’ll need to renew your subscription on our new blog site after the 5pm switchover today!

Thank you once again for visiting with us, hope to see you at our new home….

All the best from all of us at Galt Toys.

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Wooden Spoons at the Ready!

It is National Cupcake Week,  12th  to 18th September  – Yum Yum, and although this might seem like the perfect excuse to eat cake all week, there is a serious side to the campaign – to help raise money for CLIC Sergeant, who care for children and young people with cancer. There are a wide range of events and promotions taking place across the nation. To find out what’s happening near you click here.

To celebrate National Cupcake Week, Galt Toys have created a super make-and-do cupcake stand to display all your cute cakes.
All you have to do is download the FREE instruction sheet from the Activity Zone and get cutting, sticking and slotting the card together to make our very impressive three-tier cake stand. What better way to show off all those beautiful cakes to your family and friends.

Cupcakes were first mentioned as far back as 1796, when a recipe notation of ‘a cake to be baked in small cups’ was written in American Cookery by Amelia Simms. The once humble cupcake has now taken on a new popularity with an upsurge in bakeries now specialising just in cupcakes. Their rich, creamy filling and chocolate / vanilla icing makes everyone’s mouth water!

The first cupcakes did not have frosting as we know it, but instead were gilded with lard as a kind of cake-moistening gravy – yuk! Winston Churchill was the first person to suggest a kind of sweet frosting on the top of the cakes. He later blamed the frosting for his behemoth jowls. 

But the buttercream frosting now sets the cupcake apart from the rest. Our Cupcake Baking Set will help your little ones make and decorate cool mini cupcakes to delight friends and family. By following the simple recipes they’ll be able to make mini cakes and have lots of fun decorating them, using the icing set with six different nozzles


Cupcake Fact: The number of cupcakes eaten last year have more mass than the entire Earth!

Happy baking!

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Back to School!

It is a new school term again… and there is probably a feeling of anxiety, or excitement, in your house; your little monkeys are excited to see friends again, but also nervous, or a little scared, as it’s perhaps their first day at school and everything is going to be new – new teachers, new friends, and perhaps in some cases, a new school.

I remember my Mum clearly saying to me, ‘Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one who doesn’t know anybody, you’ll soon make friends.’ And she was completely right! Most teachers start the first day by introducing themselves and giving all students a chance to do the same and tell the rest of the class something about themselves, for example, what they did over the summer holidays.

I think the one thing that used to make my stomach turn was double Maths – yuk!  I was never very good at it and always tried to sit right at the back of the class so I wasn’t picked on by the teacher!  Perhaps if I’d had these fab Home Learning Books it would have been the perfect start to building the right foundations.

Research suggests that brain development is rapid in the first few years of life and if children lack certain skills, the further they progress through school, the more likely it is that they are going to fall behind.

Our home learning books have been written by experts to support pre-school and Key Stage 1 learning. This series features fun activities and stickers to engage little learners; we have everything from the alphabet, to the times table and writing skills, so perfect to kick the school term into touch!

To take away the school blues – don’t forget we are running the Search for the Face of Galt competition!We are looking for the next Professor Galt, Leonardo DiGaltchi, Princess Galt and Baby Galt, to create Team Galt, who will star on our website and test all our TOYS! Plus each winner will win £250 worth of Galt Toys

To enter, simply share a video of your child dancing, singing or telling a silly joke or funny fact. Upload your child’s funniest video to YouTube, tag it and title it, Face of Galt, with your child’s name & location. Your video should be no more than 2 minutes long and if you’re stuck for ideas check out our hints and tips.

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Search for the Face of Galt

Does your child say and do the funniest things? If so, this competition is the one for you. Over the next few months we’ll be on the search to find The Face of Galt!

We are looking for the next Professor Galt, Leonardo DiGaltchi, Princess Galt and Baby Galt, to create Team Galt, who will star on our website and test all our TOYS! Plus each winner will win £250 worth of Galt Toys

In our quest to find Team Galt we’re opening up our doors to children across the UK and asking parents to submit the funniest video of their child.

To enter, simply share a video of your child dancing, singing or telling a silly joke or funny fact. Upload your child’s funniest video to YouTube, tag it and title it: Face of Galt, with your child’s name & location. Your video should be no more than 2 minutes long and if you’re stuck for ideas check out our hints and tips!

We’ll then stream our favourites to the Face of Galt YouTube channel, which will appear on our Facebook page.

The competition is open to children aged between 3 months to 12 year olds and will run from 18 August 2011 until 12.00pm 18th December 2011. Unfortunately children over the age of 12 by 18th December 2011 will not be eligible for entry.

All judging will be conducted by Galt’s team of toy developers. So if you think your child has got what it takes to make the Galt team laugh, or impress them with your child’s make and do skills, then please go to for full details on how to enter.

Good Luck!

For full terms and conditions please click to here:

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Summer Holiday ‘Make and Dos’

With the summer holidays having started over a week ago, the hard task of entertaining your children has only just begun and you soon hear those dreaded words echoing through the house (especially in my household!)– I’m bored, there’s nothing to do!

So what is there to do? Well according to, one in five parents will end up in debt this summer trying to keep their kids ­entertained during the school holidays, so we have come up with some Galt entertaining suggestions that won’t break the bank!

  1. We have some fantastic Make and Dos within our Activity Zone which are completely free to download.  We’ve recently uploaded our Farmyard Photo Frames; you’ll receive all five animals when you download the pack to make with your children, so they can display all their favourite photos. A great way to go through old family photos and talk about the things you have done together!                         

2. Picnicking – what better way to enjoy the countryside and the weather (don’t hold me to that!) plus having some family time outside and it is completely free.  It’s the perfect time to enjoy an informal meal outdoors, as a family, with plenty of space for little ones to run around. You could always incorporate a simple game of catch, or my favourite, rounders! It’s always a good idea to involve the children from the start by letting them help with the planning, giving them one task each helps to teach responsibility and they’ll enjoy the day more than simply being taken on a picnic!

3. The National Gallery – London, is a fantastic family day out and if you feel like seeing a masterpiece, this is the place, with 2,300 of them with big names like Van Dyke, Van Gogh, Monet and Cezanne. If you’re struggling to decide which to see first, how about taking one of the daily guided tours? They’re free too! When you get back home, you could encourage the children to paint their own masterpiece using what they have seen for inspiration.

4. Finally, our marvellous Product of the Month – the ART JAR has everything to keep your children entertained this summer. With …. 70 pompoms, 40 wiggly eyes, zigzag scissors, sequin pack, shredded paper, 2m red fringed crepe paper…..take a quick breath….  18 plastic buttons, 7 cotton reels, 50 pony beads, 20 small star beads, 10 pipe cleaners, 10 straws, 6 sheets self-adhesive foam shapes, 7 printed card templates, 10 sheets coloured paper, 25 gummed label strips, glitter, 2m wiggly trim, and 3m elastic, plus  glue for lots and lots of sticking – what would you make?

Hope you all have a fantastic summer holiday and if you are up to anything exciting, off on holiday, or have any make and dos you would like to share, we’d love to hear from you…

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