Love is in air…. everywhere I look… especially in the Playnest

The history of Valentine’s Day and its patron saint is shrouded in mystery, but we do know that February has long been a month of romance.

St. Valentine’s Day, celebrated every February 14, contains snippets of both Christian and ancient Roman traditions and now all around the world  flowers, chocolates,  gifts and cards are sent to loved ones all in the name of St. Valentine.

It’s estimated that 141 millions Valentine cards are exchanged annually, making it the second most popular card-sending day after Christmas!

It would also appear that when it comes to the soundtrack of LOVE, there’s one song that stands out above all the others – Bleeding Love, by X Factor winner Leona Lewis – apparently the most played love song of the last decade! And Bruce Willis has recently been voted the top Valentine dream date…

With ‘love’ in the air and sending us cuckoo we thought we’d bring you back to the one love we all understand  – the bond between parent and child.

Scientific evidence shows that the way babies are cared for by their parents will determine not only their emotional development, but their biological development.

According to Alan Schore, Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA School of Medicine, the infant brain is designed to be moulded by the environment it encounters.

In other words, babies are born with a certain set of genetics, but they must be activated by early experience and interaction. Schore believes the most crucial component of these earliest interactions is the primary caregiver – the mother.

So we have been asking some of you for your tips on how to stop your baby from crying…

Penni from Manchester told us on Facebook – The only ‘tip’ any mother should be given is ‘Trust Your Own Instincts’ no website, book, or other mother knows your child, only you do. Love your baby, hold your baby, and trust your own instincts! 

@pink_baybee from Bedfordshire tweeted – A good cuddle and stroke their cheek…or a little song!

@reaw tweeted – Distraction always works!

It’s obvious to see that communication and stimulation are key to taking those tears away. Here at James Galt we are always designing toys to meet the needs of all stages of child development from 0-10 years. Our products are designed to be fun and to encourage learning through play.

Our innovative Playnest is a self-contained play environment for babies and toddlers. The triangular fabric covered inflatable ring provides additional sideways support for baby during rest and play.

Award-winning Playnest

Around the Playnest, there are 8 multi-sensory features to stimulate touch, vision and hearing – providing the early experience and interaction a baby needs.

This week we are giving one Playnest away – for your chance to win please subscribe to our blog.


About GaltToys

With 175 years experience in toys and education, Galt know a thing or two about designing toys to encourage children to learn through play...and also have fun! All Galt toys are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety. From our unique Playnest for babies, to craft and science for all ages, Galt offer a great range of imaginative toys
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    Fingers Crossed I’ve Subscribed correctly x


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    hiya, I’ve just subscrbed to your email updates for the blog.


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