Smell That…!

With all the celebrities from Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston to Beyonce Knowles and Sarah Jessica Parker (supposedly) making their own special perfumes it begs the questions – ‘How would I make mine?’

The traditional way is with rose petals and water with a splash of vodka, but after spending several hours boiling the water and adding essentials oils – I still end up with….. discoloured water with a faint smell of rose, if I am lucky!

So at James Galt we put our designers on the case and developed this fantastic Make Your Own Perfume set.  Little girls (even boys) will love making their own signature scents. It comes with 5 different fragrances – Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Apple, Strawberry and Vanilla and 5 heart shaped perfume bottles ready to mix the fragrances.

With ‘Mother’s Day’ just around the corner, homemade perfume would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Our perfume kits also have instructions detailing how to make personal perfume from flowers in your garden; quite honestly…what more could a Mum want?

There are many more fun activities you and your children could have with the perfume kits: 

A perfume-making party! Invite their friends to see if they can work out the 5 different scents. Each individual can distinguish between 10,000 different smells – get them testing their ‘sniff ability’ …

Fragrant necklace. Collect some rose buds, string them together and add a few drops of their favourite fragrance to the necklace – they will quite literally smell like roses!

If you have any more perfume ideas / activities – please send them in and we’ll feature them on our Facebook page. 

Come on – perfect the art of perfumery.


About GaltToys

With 175 years experience in toys and education, Galt know a thing or two about designing toys to encourage children to learn through play...and also have fun! All Galt toys are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety. From our unique Playnest for babies, to craft and science for all ages, Galt offer a great range of imaginative toys
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One Response to Smell That…!

  1. lpbarton says:

    Pop some drops into some olive oil and use for a scented bath.

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