Back to School!

It is a new school term again… and there is probably a feeling of anxiety, or excitement, in your house; your little monkeys are excited to see friends again, but also nervous, or a little scared, as it’s perhaps their first day at school and everything is going to be new – new teachers, new friends, and perhaps in some cases, a new school.

I remember my Mum clearly saying to me, ‘Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one who doesn’t know anybody, you’ll soon make friends.’ And she was completely right! Most teachers start the first day by introducing themselves and giving all students a chance to do the same and tell the rest of the class something about themselves, for example, what they did over the summer holidays.

I think the one thing that used to make my stomach turn was double Maths – yuk!  I was never very good at it and always tried to sit right at the back of the class so I wasn’t picked on by the teacher!  Perhaps if I’d had these fab Home Learning Books it would have been the perfect start to building the right foundations.

Research suggests that brain development is rapid in the first few years of life and if children lack certain skills, the further they progress through school, the more likely it is that they are going to fall behind.

Our home learning books have been written by experts to support pre-school and Key Stage 1 learning. This series features fun activities and stickers to engage little learners; we have everything from the alphabet, to the times table and writing skills, so perfect to kick the school term into touch!

To take away the school blues – don’t forget we are running the Search for the Face of Galt competition!We are looking for the next Professor Galt, Leonardo DiGaltchi, Princess Galt and Baby Galt, to create Team Galt, who will star on our website and test all our TOYS! Plus each winner will win £250 worth of Galt Toys

To enter, simply share a video of your child dancing, singing or telling a silly joke or funny fact. Upload your child’s funniest video to YouTube, tag it and title it, Face of Galt, with your child’s name & location. Your video should be no more than 2 minutes long and if you’re stuck for ideas check out our hints and tips.


About GaltToys

With 175 years experience in toys and education, Galt know a thing or two about designing toys to encourage children to learn through play...and also have fun! All Galt toys are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety. From our unique Playnest for babies, to craft and science for all ages, Galt offer a great range of imaginative toys
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